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Puterbaugh Equestrian

"I thought the Puterbaugh riding camp was absolutely phenomenal! I learned so much during my lessons and in the theory lectures as well! I was finally able to work on some of the Grand Prix movements with Salute (not sure on spelling), a beautiful grey gelding. He was an awesome school horse, and helped me learn a better seat! I have had a rough time finding the support I needed to achieve my goals, but now I think I finally found the right person! Thanks to Doug I'm more confident than ever that I can make it to Grand Prix!"     

- Mara Santiz

I rode with Doug a short time when he was in Petaluma. He taught me more in one summer than I had learned in a lifetime of riding. I now live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and am thrilled Doug is relatively close.

-Jennifer B.

"After several bad falls, I bounced from instructor to instructor for over two years trying to find one that would help my anxiety. Douglas was the first one that went all the way back to the lunge and worked on my seat.  After one lesson, I went home and practiced and found my anxiety almost gone.  After two I felt so much more secure, I was finally able to relax for the first time in years! I continue to go back and learn from each lesson.  Each time, when I go home and practice on my own or client's horses I find that they are more relaxed, correct, and happier. Douglas is a fantastic instructor and the knowledge he passes on has allowed me to become not only a more effective rider but a better horseman as well."

- Kate Schroeder

"I first met Douglas Puterbaugh at a schooling show where he was judging. I had just ridden perhaps the worst test of my life, and I apologized for making him suffer through it. He smiled and reassured me that all riders and horses can have bad days. He gave some positive comments to me and was genuinely kind even though I was so upset with the way I had just ridden. After the schooling show, I researched him and I saw that he was giving a clinic at his facility. My friend and I signed up because we both had gotten such positive vibes from him at the show, and we were anxious to work with him more. Oh my gosh! I learned so much in one session with him.....more than I had learned with previous trainers spanning 6 years! I sat better, I had influence over my horse in a way I had never known, I was so "high" after riding in his clinic, I actually felt like I would someday be a good rider! How wonderful! A trainer with incredible experience, passion and love of dressage that is approachable, patient, kind and humble? No way! Was I dreaming? I then decided that I wanted to pursue dressage more seriously because Douglas had re-ignited the flame that was there years ago but had "gone out" as a result of bad instruction, lack of confidence and incorrect skill sets. With my husband's encouragement, I was given the opportunity to travel to Germany to find my new dressage partner. Tamara, Douglas' assistant, handled every detail with such professionalism, and she secured rides at select barns that offered horses that would be suitable for me. She took the time to hand pick these barns. And that is the difference. They want the rider to be happy, and this can only come when the rider and horse are compatible. So, handpicking horses with the right temperament and training takes time. Tamara took the time to personalize this visit for me, and I can never thank her enough. And the icing on the cake of this trip was that every moment I spent with them was enjoyable! Not only did I find the horse of my dreams, but I got to know them as people and I can tell you without hesitation, they are the real deal. Douglas approaches any issue you may have with clear and precise methods that work. I have seen him transform people and horses into "partners" working together in harmony. And Douglas praises the "try", and through this I have seen horses blossom and progress because they want to work. I have found myself smiling at times during a lesson...because I get it, and it feels good!! If you have found yourself at a point where you don't like riding anymore, consider working with Douglas Puterbaugh. You may find, just like I did, that inner spark you had ignites again and everything becomes possible. "

-Lisa W. Michigan

" Thank you for a wonderful five day clinic! The clinic was a lot of fun it is always a good time learning with people who want to learn as much as you do. The consistent lesson work was very constructive. Being able to properly work my horse for five consecutive days was an incredible opportunity that I am very glad I was able to participate in. I truly feel the time spent in the clinic increased not only my knowledge base but also my understanding of classical dressage.
Douglas has a way of explaining questions and not intimidating his riders. Casual conversation continually grew into lengthy discussions full of open doors to better understanding. Douglas has ways to explain the consequences of non-intended poor training without degrading his student. He seems to grasp the fact that our harmful horse methods are truly unintentional. He is more than patient in the fact that what we don't know (as riders) is the cause of lack of knowledgeable instruction and lack of Dressage masters. Not from a lack of interest or thirst for knowledge.
Tamara's information and input for the lectures were great, along with her pop quizzes to try to help you remember what was discussed. I really enjoyed her information on the German auction and how masters and trainers are viewed in Germany. Not to mention the informative seminar on nutrition sponsored by Tribute feeds. I also wanted to give a note to all the wonderful drawings that included everything from leg wraps to supplements even a saddle and feed were raffled off.
Overall this clinic was very enjoyable and enlightening.The atmosphere of the whole clinic was always very open and energetic. So Thank you Tamara and Douglas and I am looking forward to another five days."

-Kathy C. Michigan

"The intensive dressage clinic last weekend was wonderful. The exercises I learned during the riding portion are sure to improve my test scores. Douglas was so helpful in teaching me what I can use in my everyday riding that will show results this season. The discussions held every evening were great for clarifying the many of dressage terms and theories. It was interesting to learn about the history of dressage and ultimately its purpose. I was completely satisfied with what the clinic offered to improve my riding and would recommend it to anyone looking to further their understanding of dressage."

Leah S. Michigan

"Douglas Puterbaugh has been the trainer at View Ridge Farm for the past 8 years. During this time he trained numerous horses from starting the young horses through the Grand Prix. He has an excellent seat and a special talent for training the passage and piaffe. Douglas is a true talent"

-Sonja Vracko 2000 USDF "S" Judge Woodinville, WA

"Riding with Douglas has been one of the most inspiring and enriching things I've ever done. He is a gifted instructor and generous with his knowledge, explaining not only what to do, but why to do it. He knows what each of his horses and students need to move to the next level, and he presents it in such a way that advancement is correct, well grounded, and rapid, but never forced. He is an extremely skilled trainer - every horse I have seen him work with has blossomed, improving in athletic ability, rideability, and value. Douglas' passion for the harmonious athletic development of the horse is contagious!
He challenges me, gently, to grow and develop as an equestrian, and I feel I have learned a tremendous amount in a relatively short period of time. He is a world class talent, and I count myself privileged and honored to train with him. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to see their riding and/or their horses improve. "

-Liz Derr Richmond, CA

" Douglas teaches classical, correct dressage, with an emphasis on developing a subtle, fluid, and comprehensive relationship with the horse. He demystifies the upper level work, while concentrating on building a correct foundation. Since I began riding with Douglas, I have noticed a marked improvement in my seat, and as a result I have been able to school more technically difficult exercises with greater precision and harmony."

-Emily Murray Los Angeles,CA

"Dear Doug and Tamara:
I wanted to thank you for the fabulous care and training that my Hanoverian mare, Graesan, has received. I could not be happier with the result. I am thankful that I found you when Graesan was a coming 4 year old, I know her training was the best available from the beginning of her dressage career. I have literally watched my horse transform from a gangly youngster to a talented, lovely dressage partner. I am amazed at the progress my mare has made in a relatively short period of time. The training she has received is second to none. Not only have you created a horse that any professional would be excited to ride, you have created the perfect partner for an amateur.
As an owner, I am always interested in my horses professional development, but equally important is my horses mental and physical health and development. You and Tamara care for each horse in the barn with the utmost interest in its well being. I have never before seen a barn with such happy and healthy horses. I strongly believe that your talent and training methods are one of the reasons why the horses stay happy, healthy and sound.
In closing, I would recommend Douglas Puterbaugh to any one, professional or amateur, wishing to improve themselves or their horse. You are truly a rare talent in the United States or elsewhere."

-Tess Wallace Camarillo,CA

"I believe the proof of correct training and riding is in the horse. The horse becomes more beautiful, his conformation becomes more developed, and he becomes more respectful. All the horses I have seen under Douglas's care have improved not only physically but appear happy and well adjusted.
Not often is a gifted trainer and rider also a gifted teacher. Douglas is both. I have learned more in the last nine months than I had learned in years of riding on my own. I recommend Douglas to anyone who has been looking for help in demystifying dressage.
Douglas and Tamara also have a talent for pairing riders with the right horses! I love my new horse and am looking forward to riding up the levels."

-Anita Pound Concord,CA

"Douglas is the most insightful trainer I've ever met. Each lesson with him makes a difference in my riding and my understanding of dressage. Doug challenges you to ride better than you think you can. He never gives up when he needs to get his point across, and he's infinitely creative at explaining concepts. The lessons are always a lot of fun. He teaches you to ride by feel, but he always gives a detailed explanation of why things are supposed to feel the way they do, when done correctly. Since I started riding with Doug, I stopped getting frustrated with my own riding, as he seems to always find a solution when I run into a roadblock (and there have been many!)
Doug's own riding skills can transform an ordinary mover into a dressage star once he gets on, which is always fascinating to watch. A few months with Doug have made a dramatic change in my position, but more importantly, in my understanding of how to get the best out of a horse, while keeping him a willing and happy partner."

-Masha Khmartseve Menlo Park,CA
"The fun I had at Puterbaugh's Dressage Camp, last year, had me anticipating another fabulous four days at camp, this year.  I wasn't disappointed.
Good people, fine food (breakfast lunch and dinner), a silent auction, raffle giveaways, guest speakers on nutrition and massage, a pillates instructor with exercises for riders, studies on Gustave Steinbrecht's book "The Gymnasium of the Horse" followed by discussion andCD's on different approaches to training. And we were very fortunate to be able to watch Douglas Puterbaugh train one of their talented young horses while graced by Tamara's commentation, explaining the techniques and method he uses on his young horses.
On the third day of camp a four page written test is given and a personable award ceremony follows. Along with all of these activities, each of us rides under Douglas's instruction for one hour, each day. It is overall, a very intense learning experience.  I have a new found confidence from camp and the knowledge I have gained of classical dressage.  Another man made wonder of the world is being built by me and my horse...(that would be a pyramid)."
- Kit Maurer
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