• Academnic Equitation By General Decarpentry

  • Dressage in Harmony, From Basic to Grand Prix By Walter Zettl

  • Dressage, A Guidebook for the Road to Success By Alfred Knopfhart

  • Give Your Horse a Chance: A Classic Work on the Training of Horse and Rider

  • My Horse, My Teachers By Alois Padhajsky

  • Pilates for the Dressage Rider, By Janice Dulak

  • Straightening The Crooked Horse By Gabriele Rachen-Schoneich & Klaus Schoneich

  • The Art Of Horsemanship by Xenophon

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage Book

  • Tug of War: Classical Vs Modern Dressage By Dr. Gerd Heuschmann

  • Where does my horse hurt? By Renee Tucker, DVM